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Picture of Robert Schumann

I have been thinking for a while that I need something that will be both structure my piano practice and hopefully over a period of time draw visitors towards my website. One of the things that I am very bad at is self-promotion, so hopefully this will help.

One the first Sunday in May, the 5th, and for the following 46 Sundays, I am going to release a weekly podcast based around Robert Schumann’s Album for the Young (Album für die Jugend), Op. 68. This was written by the German composer in 1848 for his three daughters in 1848, and comprises 43 different pieces. Some of the pieces are very simple and last for less than a minute, whilst some are more complex and last for four to five minutes.


Week 1: A talk by myself introducing the podcast, the music, and what I hope to get out of it.

Weeks 2-19: Each week will be a piece from Part One, the first 18 pieces of the work, and each episode will be as long as the piece being played with no extras

Week 20: A halfway (almost) reflection on the project/podcast so far, and also looking ahead to the second half

Weeks 21-45: The final 25 pieces that comprise Part Two, in the same format (one piece per week with no extras) as Part One

Week 46: All 43 pieces in one episode

Week 47: A final reflection on the project as a whole

The podcast will be available through iTunes and common podcast providers, and also directly from the website.


There are lots of technological and musical challenges to this project, not least in keeping the momentum going and producing recordings and performances that stand not only on their own but also as a whole performance of the work. 

I have already started practising the works for Part One, and my hope is always to be five or six weeks ahead of myself, which minimises the likelihood of skipping a week and getting behind.

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