One day your prints will come – launching an online shop

Bidston Windmill, Wirral
Bidston Windmill, Wirral

Phase One: Online shop selling photographic prints by July 1st 2019

I am not what you would call an art photographer. As a general rule the focus of my photography over the past ten years has been a combination of events, news, sports and stock. Although people have occasionally suggested that I should make some prints and sell them, it hasn’t seemed the right time to do so…until now. So it is time to announce that I will soon be opening an online shop on this website

Whilst sorting through my archive a couple of months I realized that I had enough material to make into prints that I could start selling them. I also have plans (see phase 2 and phase 3, which I will talk about in future blog posts) to sell other items online, so it is time to get cracking and sell.

Most of the infrastructure is there – I have a payment system in place as well as a website on to which I can easily bolt-on a shop. The next stage is to decide what prints I will sell to start off with, and I am looking at about a dozen as an initial offer. I have already researched and put into places various things in relation to online shopping (SSL, policies, GDPR etc.) so it is not a million miles away. To be honest I could probably have it set up in a weekend, but I would rather take a few weeks, test it and get it right first time than rush it.

I am sure it will start small but hopefully build. I’m not planning on getting in hundreds of pounds worth of stock, but will start with targeted materials and see how it builds from there.
Endeavours like a personal online shop are always a risk. I know a lot of people have enjoyed my photography over the past ten years, and I hope that I can convince enough of them to dig into their pockets and buy the odd print. I hope that you, dear reader, will be one of the first.

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